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Community Registration

Farmington Community Baseball 2024 Player Registration

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Each player will need to provide their own batting helmet and glove.


Coaches' applications for the 2024 season are online again this year! Coaches will need to complete the online application and background check. Coaches chosen for the 2024 season will be notified in April and will be required to attend any scheduled mandatory coaches clinics, planning events and will need to complete an online concussion awareness training.


There will be a volunteer fee of $400 per player or $250 buyout per player. The volunteer requirement is 4 dibs per player (max of 8 dibs/family) and will be tracked through a designated software system. A check will be required for each registered player. Your check will be cashed if your volunteer hours are not completed by the end of the season.

Each task could consist of working concession stands, field preparation, or other baseball program-related activities. 

For the 2024 season, volunteer opportunities will be available to staff three hosted Farmington tournament weekends, a Gopher State tournament the last weekend in July, and community program-hosted tournament weekends. Details on sign-up times will be available as soon as possible using our designated software tracking system.

Additionally, parents and guardians are respectfully asked to help your player's team during the season. Your player’s coach and team manager will determine what is needed. All families that don’t have a family member serving as a coach, assistant coach, or serving as a team manager are expected to help with team needs. This is not part of the task requirement and is not tracked through the designated software system. Thank you for your support.

Some key points regarding the volunteer system:

  • Any posted volunteer slot is open to any Farmington Baseball Association family
  • You do not have to volunteer at an event you have a player participating in
  • To claim a spot-you must be logged in using the same user ID you used to register your player
  • Coaching in either program fulfills all volunteer requirements for your family, regardless of the number of players.
  • Coaches and Managers will be given manual credit and will not show on the system yet.

Farmington Volunteer Opportunities:

Dibs will be posted for each event as details for the event are finalized.

For 2024, FBA will collect a check from each participating family at the first practice events BEFORE a hat and jersey will be issued. Additionally, players may not practice or play in any games until a check has been submitted. At the end of the season, your check will be destroyed if your volunteer commitment has been met through opportunities offered via our Dibs online volunteer sign-up system. Families not fulfilling their volunteer commitment will have their checks cashed at the end of the season.

Travel Baseball

Please do not register your child if he/she is trying out for the Travel Baseball Program (9-15 years old). Once the travel program rosters are set, instructions will be given to any family wishing to still participate in the Community program and players migrating from travel tryouts will be guaranteed acceptance.  Additional information about Travel Baseball can be found on the Travel tab of this website.

2024 Fee and Practice/Game Schedule

Grade(2023-24) School Year) Practices & Games Fee
Kindergarten Tues/Thurs $125
1st Mon/Wed $125
2nd Tues/Thurs $140
3rd Tues/Thurs $170
4th/5th Mon/Wed $170
6th/7th/8th Mon/Wed $170
9th/10th/11th/12th Wed/Games on Sundays $185

Practice and Game Times

Please refer to your coaches on practice start and end times. Practices typically start around 6 pm. Games will start at 6:15 pm. It is up to the coaches to decide what time arrival is necessary for warm-ups prior to games.